Helicopter Tours at Camping Plage Paquet !


Helicopter tours will be held on saturdy, July 27 in the afternoon. Departures will be on the open air ground of Camping Plage Paquet. $ 50 per person, 3 passengers at a time, for 15 minutes. If the temperature permits. More information will be disclosed on the same day on the registration process.

Virtual tour of the campsite


Visit the facilities and the streets of the campsite via Google Maps!

Go to the "About" tab to find the link to the tour and photos.

Season 2019 booking


We will start booking for the summer of 2019, on Monday, April 29 at 10.00 AM. At that time, if you wish to book, we will accept reservations only by phone!

For more information, click on the Rates tab ..... Thank you!

Special visitor passes 60th!


Special for the 61th anniversary of Camping ! This summer we are offering you special 60th visitor passes. Each pass is valid for 10 visitors for the day, for the duration of the 2019 season. The promotional pass for adults is offered at a price of $ 60 instead of $ 75, while the one for children is at the price $ 36 instead of $ 45. You get two free tickets for each guest pass purchased!

Coupons Go Camping Quebec


We participate in the promotions offered through the Go Camping Québec application. We offer 4 different discount coupons, valid during the 2019 season: 1) $ 5 discount applicable on 1 night camping; 2) 1 bundle of free firewood; 3) 1 free lunch for 1 person; 4) Wi-Fi access for 1 device (valid 2 nights) free. Only one coupon accepted per stay. Each offer is valid only once in the 2019 season.

To view and download the coupons, visit our page on the Camping Québec website : For more information and how to use discount coupons, visit the Go Camping Québec application information page:

Happy 2019 camping season!

Arrival of the animals of the farm !


Farm animals have now arrived! Novelty this year ! We are pleased to welcome the arrival of Tina, a miniature pony! Come meet her with her mom Mia !

New rules for dogs!


For the 60th anniversary of Camping, we revisit our rules for dogs! This year, for the first time in 20 years, you will have the opportunity to walk your faithful hairy companions on a leash on the campsite! Goodbye the trolleys and hello the leash! It is important to note that dogs are however prohibited at all times at the beach, at the pool and near children's games.

It goes without saying that to maintain this privilege in the future, it is important that dog owners be respectful of other campers and their reserved space, but also that they clean the small (and big) gifts behind their companion. Bags are available at the dog park for this purpose. Thank you for your usual collaboration and good 2018 camping season!

Some rules are to follow concerning animals:
* Always keep your dogs on a leash (on your site and during walks), regardless of their docility or size
* Feces must be collected at all times
* Children must be strong enough and mature to walk around with a dog and retain as needed
* Children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times when visiting the dog park
* Dogs are prohibited at all times on the beach, at water games, at the pool, near parks and children's playgrounds, at Fun Putt and in buildings such as the convenience store, the community hall, the house of young people and sanitary blocks, regardless of the size of the animal and its docility

Arrival of the animals of the farm !


Farm animals have now arrived! Novelty this year ! We have the company of 2 small Vietnamese pigs and 4 goat babies ! Come and meet them !

Dog park in 2017 !


New in 2017! A dog park is now available ! Waste bins with a bag dispenser for excrement are present in the dog park.

New children's paddling pool !


Reconstruction and expansion of the paddling pool by the pool. Come and enjoy this beautiful playground with your kids to cool off this summer.

The campground seen through the eye drone


See our beautiful campground from a whole new angle!
Recorded by a drone during the summer of 2015, you will enjoy discovering (or rediscovering) our campground.